aviatrix game

Aviatrix is an intuitive crash game with high-risk betting that demands both your intuition and high stakes wagering skills. As the plane takes off and surpasses thresholds before exploding, players Aviatrix Game can either cash out their winnings immediately or wait until a larger sum accumulates before cashing out or holding onto them for later.

This game from QTech boasts NFT integration, plane customization options, flight experience simulation and a loyalty program with daily rewards – making it a unique offering suitable for emerging markets.


Aviatrix is an exciting game that goes beyond traditional crash games to create an innovative B2B iGaming solution with NFTs and Provably Fair technology. Easily accessible for players of any skill level, Aviatrix makes playing something exciting affordable!

Players can build their own airplanes and compete in tournaments to win prizes using the Build, Fly, Earn model. Earn cryptocurrency rewards according to P2E model for even greater excitement in the game – plus cross-platform playability with high level security! While its reliance on luck might make some players uncomfortable, its potential payouts make the investment worth while.

This game can be easily downloaded on most devices, such as iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone and MacOS X 10.7+. With no special software or hardware requirements needed for downloading or playing for free in demo mode – an ideal way to practice before spending any money – please be aware that any prizes in a demo version won’t actually exist in reality!

To win real prizes online casino offering Aviatrix must be licensed, regulated and offer fair play and payouts as well as having great user reviews – these casinos can be found by searching “aviatrix”. For a list of these online casinos simply search your keyword into Google.

Aviatrix follows a pay-to-earn model and allows players to build aircraft using NFTs that will then be used in a P2P game. Players can redeem these NFTs for rewards – in-game credits or cash. Furthermore, Aviatrix features other innovative gameplay mechanics designed to increase player engagement.

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This game was developed using advanced technologies like React, Tailwind, Zustand, and Typescript to provide smooth gameplay across platforms. Furthermore, its use enables it to run on any device – including mobile ones! In addition, its graphic design is intuitive for players.


Aviatrix will offer thrilling payouts to any gambler looking for adventure. Based on slot machine principles, this game allows you to select your bet size before watching an aircraft fly through the sky with rewards waiting each time it crosses over an obstacle or target mark. Plus, by studying other player strategies to better your own, Aviatrix offers plenty of ways for players to increase their odds and make even more than its standard payouts!

Aviatrix goes above and beyond traditional payouts by offering bonuses that you can redeem for cash or tokens, making the game more engaging while building up your bankroll. As more you play, your chances of winning bigger prizes increases exponentially – however these bonuses must meet certain terms and conditions in order to be redeemed successfully; otherwise you will not qualify.

This game’s payouts are displayed as multipliers of your stake, increasing as long as the plane remains aloft. This allows players to win up to 10,000 times their original bet! Suitable for newcomers as well as veterans alike, it allows for strategies tailored specifically to your risk appetite and preferred return on player (RTP).

Aviatrix stands out from traditional casino games through its innovative features that set it apart, including multifaceted gamification, loyalty schemes and fair play commitment. Aviatrix rewards frequent fliers with experience points which contribute towards leveling systems; additionally its NFT feature allows aircraft personalisation.

Aviatrix stands out as one of the few real-money games with mobile applications for both Android and iOS, featuring user-friendly controls and intuitive interface, making the game accessible on any device. Furthermore, the mobile version includes live chat support team to assist and a secure payment system using SSL encryption to protect personal information.


Bonus rounds

Aviatrix is an exciting casino game that gives players an unforgettable experience. Boasting both high RTP and medium volatility, there is ample opportunity for winning big; however, as with any gambling activity there may be risks involved; to increase chances of success it is wise to play small bets and only invest what you can afford to lose so as to make more flights and increase winning chances.

This casino game stands apart from others by using a grid to track an airplane’s flight path and accumulate funds each time it takes flight. As your plane soars higher and higher, its performance could lead to significant earnings – but crash risks could end in loss!

To begin playing Aviatrix, players should register with a reputable online casino and deposit funds into their personal account. Once funds have been deposited into this personal account, these can then be used to play Aviatrix. Some casinos may even provide welcome bonuses that allow customers to place additional bets.

After registering, players will launch the Aviatrix application and choose their bet size before clicking “Play”; at this point, the game will commence.

In this game, the pilot must maneuver a biplane to its desired location in the sky using an intuitive interface. They can adjust its position as needed with ease during gameplay; additionally, they may modify or customize their aircraft for improved performance as well as competing in daily contests to earn extra cash prizes.

Aviatrix’s bonus rounds are determined by the total bets placed. Each round typically lasts less than 30 seconds and players must land before it explodes. Players have two options when cashing out wins: early or later (increases profits but increases risk). Furthermore, autocashout feature allows them to set odds at specific multiplier values automatically and close rounds. This option may appeal to users who’d rather avoid staring at a screen for hours waiting to see whether a winning bet was placed!

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Aviatrix is an exciting modern NFT crash game, giving players the chance to earn real cash and rewards through NFT crashes. The game offers thrilling gameplay, captivating story, special tools to maximize winnings, building their own NFT plane and participating in loyalty programs.

Aviatrix is available both on desktop computers and mobile devices, and to play, simply register with its official website by providing personal details like your phone number or email address. Once registered, virtual currency can be used to test out different strategies and learn the mechanics of the game before investing any real cash – giving you greater chances of success with every wager made!

Aviatrix boasts an RTP of 97%, with maximum payout for one round being x10,000. Although this seems like a substantial sum of money to risk on one bet alone, bettors should still play responsibly and never risk more than they can afford to lose in one go.

Aviatrix offers the perfect escape from reality or just an enjoyable challenge – the game combines timing, risk evaluation and intuition for maximum fun! Climb aboard an old-school propeller plane and attempt to navigate its course safely without collapsing – ideal for testing yourself against time and luck!

There are various strategies you can employ in Aviatrix to increase your chances of winning, such as using betting systems like D’Alembert that use similar principles to Martingale but instead reduce losses by one bet after losing. Of course, no betting system guarantees success in Aviatrix; any strategy used could still fail you!

Aviatrix stands out from other online games with its innovative features. Alongside its high-quality graphics, Aviatrix boasts an easy-to-use interface and in-game NFT store where you can customize your aircraft. Furthermore, players can compete to unlock special rewards and bonuses from other players.